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  1. Love it! Do you want to share your file?
  2. Once you have Riva installed, it lives on your toolbar by your clock. You need to go to the settings and set it to start with windows. Then AIDA64 should pick it up when you are running games.
  3. Flipped that Cyberpunk 2077 panel and sized it to my 5" LCD (800 X 480). This is my take on it. Thought I would share my import. Thanks to the community! Cyberpunk Sensor Panel.sensorpanel
  4. Thanks! I don't see a place to download that file specifically. But I'm looking online.
  5. Love this! Just wish the graphic was horizontal. Haha.
  6. Had the same problem today. You have to make an account with the website. Then once you are signed in, you can download any of the attached files.
  7. Would love a copy of this import!
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