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  1. Predator theme (the original, none of that modern nonsense ). This is for 800x480 resolution. CPU and GPU usage graphs at the top, CPU cores usage down the left side, CPU and GPU temps in the middle, FPS underneath. VRAM and RAM usage on the right. At the bottom is CPU temp, FPS and GPU temp in the Yautja language. CPU make, motherboard and username should automatically change according to your setup, the GPU text you'll need to amend manually. You'll need to install the 2 fonts first as well, just double-click the files to open with Windows Font Viewer and select Install. Predator.sensorpanel Calculate16-Even.otf Yautja.ttf
  2. Just a thought, in Windows Display Settings could you have your existing Sensor Panel screen to the right of your main screen/s and your new 10.1 inch screen located directly below that, then design a Sensor Panel that is the size of both screens combined, so it is effectively spanning both screens (even though they are in physically different places).
  3. First attempt, throwing a bunch of gauges and graphs together, seeing how it all works: Quickly got bored of that. Read all about how to create custom gauges but in the end didn't need them (was going to have percentage bars around edges of readouts), prefer the clean and simple look. All I need to know is how fast my game is running and how hard my GPU/CPU are working. (Green for Nvidia GPU, Blue for Intel CPU and yellow FPS throwback to Fraps!). Made for 5 inch screen which is sat below my monitor, 800x480 resolution. Clean.sensorpanel
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