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  1. Thanks for the credit! Your version looks fantastic ... well done!
  2. Thanks once again to @knape9 for posting his Martian theme. Attached is my rendition in Landscape format. The zip files represent 2 different resolutions: 1280 x 800 - for Android / Odospace users 1920 x 480 - for the 8.8 inch display crowd Each zip contains the necessary fonts for the themes. 1127390259_AidaRover-1280x800.zip Aida Rover - 1920x480.zip
  3. Now those are panels!! ... Incredible and inspiring work, antonio! Well done!
  4. When @knape9 posted "The Martian" screenshot that inspired his Mars theme, I had to re-create it at 1920x480 for my 8.8 inch screen. I created new gauges and played around with the layout to make it work. I'm working on a 1280x800 landscape version for my Android tablet. Once that's complete, I'll make both available for download.
  5. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I noticed this also. There was another who reported this with a different sensor panel. I find that I have to restart Aida64 for the gauges to restore. Apparently, there's a beta version released that addresses it, but I haven't it installed it. Waiting for the next official release to see if it's fixed.
  6. Finally got my panel in the mail. Took a little more than a week with expedited shipping from China to the US. What an awesome little display! The attached zip contains the theme as well as the required fonts. I made some changes since the initial post to take into account the size of the actual screen. Resolution isn't the issue, more finding the right font size and making more efficient use of the display area. The animation effect in the video preview isn't anything groundbreaking. It's basically Steam Wallpaper Engine running in the background, with transparency for the SensorPanel set to 20%. It adds a little something to the overall theme, IMO. I managed to find the right part on Amazon to allow mounting via PCI bracket. Very pleased with the way the installation and panel design turned out. Thanks to all of the creative minds who have contributed their ideas and innovations to this community! Aida-Spy-Matrix.MP4 Aida Spy - 1920x480.zip
  7. Looking forward to your next work, @Nashö. Very clean! I also have an 8.8 inch panel on order. It should be delivered in the next 2 weeks. While waiting, I have already created a design based off of the popular Fantasy of Space theme and work from @teetaatee. Will also upload after I test and tweak on the actual display.
  8. There are a couple ways to implement it, however it differs per device. This solution was the one that worked for me. Note that I'm on Android 5.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, so hopefully it'll work for your device / version as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBKD068VIjE
  9. Regarding your display, you may want to reach out to @odospace in the Odospace Remote Panel / Android thread. He might be able to help. The other option would be to modify one of the themes yourself. While intimidating at first, it's actually pretty easy and fun as you tinker with it more. The hardest part I think would be resizing background images, etc. You can use Gimp (freeware) and the many tutorials for that. As for the tablet wake question, my Samsung tablet is rooted. Thus, I modified the boot scripts so that when the device detects a charge through the charging port (i.e. plugging it in), it boots the device. Similarly, when a charge is not detected (i.e. unplugging it), it shuts down. The shutdown is performed via the MacroDroid app, but the function also requires root. For all of this to work properly, I had to disable the USB trickle charge that sometimes is configured by default in BIOS. Although my device is not mounted inside the case, I suspect that others may have employed a similar solution.
  10. Thanks, @Nashö for sharing your inspiring theme and @Exhumed for the incredible template and elements / tools! I know I borrowed ideas from all of the great themes posted here so thanks to all of you who have shared also. I plagiarized heavily from Nasho's work and converted this to an Odospace panel for use on my Android Tablet. Specifically: Increased resolution to 1280 x 800 Changed Font to MZM.ttf (in zip file). This is basically a font based off the "Metroid Zero Mission" GBA game. My PC is Metroid-themed so I picked something appropriate. (Credit to original author). I don't play Cyberpunk so I removed most of the references and created a new background. I still kept it 'punk' as it's the spirit of the layout. Although the file is in .oslcd format, it should still import into SensorPanel (select "All Files" in the "Files of Type" dropdown). Also, set the resolution as indicated above. Aida Punk Theme.zip
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