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  1. ...and this is my Joker cuZtom pannel! Hope you enjoy! (800x480) KARLETTO.SENSORPANEL_V3.sensorpanel batman_forever (1).zip
  2. What does it mean "l. The trick is it only work in the web. " ?? If I put gif image, i see black square write GIF inside...but if I put also web url, i cant see yet my gift in movement.... so how i can put animation in my panel ??? can you record a video to explain how you put animation iside yours?? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. man, how do you pu animation in sensorpanel? is gif file?
  4. i belive you!! This panel is awesome!! how Did you fit it in case?
  5. hey Man, whats the name of Hulk panel? this 16 bit animation is awesome
  6. really nice job!!!! wich font do you use?
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