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  1. A few people ask for the fonts. I create a new *.zip file with the fonts inside. SensorPanel_Joker.zip
  2. Hours of work, finally done Special thanks to @miishb79 & @Jacob Low for the inspiration and your templates! I build a 1024x600 Screen. Blue like my LEDs in the Tower and found a nice screen on Amazon. i used some cords to attach it under my monitor (total professionell ). Fun Fact. I'm using a HDMI Switch. For my Gaming PC it's this Screen and for my Work PC I see my next Meetings, ToDos and the weather (with DAKboard.com). Thanks for all the ideas and help! Daniel / Private Joker Priv-Joker_sensorpanel.6654a2e3e2aaf512afd12c4e4300ebd1 fonts.zip
  3. Same Issue... It looks like the background image is bigger (1015x611) then you screen settings? Idk why this happening. I'm the only one? @Jacob Low Maybe you could upload the XY Data? Like my Screen? Then I can fix it for on my side Thank yoz mate!
  4. Thanks for the Upload. I have an issue with the size when I import your file. See screenshot. Do anyone have an idea, what I'm doing wrong?
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