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  1. Looking for someone to make a panel for me. Would pay for services. Just want it specific to my sons PC and a Star Wars theme.
  2. That was where I got the link for the 5” panel and he said he would link the cables in the description, but they weren’t there. He didn’t really show how he hooked the screen up either. When I look at the back of the panel I have not idea what I need to get in order to hook the panel in. I’m will to send back and get a different panel if anyone has an “noob” solution. My kids system is in a 011 Dynamic so the 5” is a better fit
  3. So I watched BPS Customs video on a sensory panel and thought that would be perfect for my sons build, but I must be a complete idiot as this 5" screen is like Chinese to me. There were no cables in the box so I assume I need to buy a USB and HDMI cable, but looking at the back of the panel I have no idea how I would even hook it up. Any help would be appreciated. I can supply the crayons for the map I need drawn
  4. Wanted a black/red theme as that’s the color of his RGB/case. It’s a Lian Li 011 so the 5” screen was what I was purchasing.
  5. Would like to see if someone could create a Star Wars version. Will pay if needed
  6. His age? Sorry I was confused on the response.
  7. Does anyone have a Star Wars themed display that would share? Wanted to add a screen to my sons build
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