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  1. sorry bro I ve sold my 1024x600 monitor so didnt make those anymore. You can try playing and re work the template as you see fit for that size.
  2. Hi guys, sorry for being late. As promised, here I attach my finished sensor panel (as of now). The resolution is 1920x480. I think it fits perfectly with 8.8 inch screen. Fonts used were GeForce and Robot Reavers. Special thanks to @Jav M.for the meter bars, pokemon template guy for the storage meter bar, and everyone who have shares your template here for elements that I have used to make this. Hope you guys like it P/S: Since there's limitation on size of files that can be uploaded, I ll create a new account later on to share my elements used in this template in Photoshop format. You can use them for resizing the resolution or on your own template. Hope that helps 2136104408_RYZ5NSensorPanel_sensorpanel.7c00caceaf982eec278e89adc0c91414
  3. Want to share my latest project. Currently 90% in progress.. The elements were from you guys who sharing your Sensor Panel here thus, thank you so much. This template is made to accommodate my upcoming long screen (ordered locally) and gotta say that I am proud with this one. The resolution is 1920x480. The fan gauge were custom made including the ram graph (impractical i know lol). I ll share the template soon enough when its completed.
  4. Mind to share your template? that circle bar (idk what its called) look sick
  5. Credit to @miishb79for the template and (sorry i forgot whose sensors) for the "RYZ5N" words. I really like the "stacking" graph on this template and how it looks futuristic. Thus I have made a little bit of change on resolution to fit on my panel which 1024x600 and some edits on colours and fonts (name: Robot Reavers) to match my theme. Sci-Fi (Ryz5n Version).sensorpanel
  6. Many thanks to @Exhumedfor this cool cyberpunk sensor panel template. I ve made some changes due to my screen reso 1024x600 and darker theme with blue and pink accents. Still many to learn and thanks to everyone sharing their knowledge here. cyberpunk DARK.sensorpanel
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