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  1. U have to choose the small gauges instead for the large ones for the memory. it arose because he christened both large and small with the same designation and therefore it gets wrong when exporting the file.
  2. I meant the screen scale. It seemed like you have it at 150%. It may need a restart after the change...before trying to import the template again.
  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1JeiJRmouRjlOltMzdYSs8LcOkfIjt2vh
  4. Double check your screen scale in the display settings. It must be at 100% for aida to work properly. So change your screen settings and then import the template again. Let's see if it works!
  5. There is already an 800x480 version online. Mine is just an upgrade from this version. I can post the link here if you are interested. It is from a guy on youtube https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1JeiJRmouRjlOltMzdYSs8LcOkfIjt2vh
  6. You should double check if you have selected the correct file for all 16 gauges. I think you missed one of them and that's why it disappeared. In additional, mine are 144x144px for the large gauges.
  7. A clean NZXT panel for 1024x600px resolution... Font: Agency FB There are also different backgrounds that u can choose. In that case u have to change the color for the text though.... Large Gauges.zip NZXT-background.zip NZXT-panel.sensorpanel Small gauges.zip
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