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  1. thank you for your inspiration! love your panel! i've done one similar for me too!
  2. new sensor panel in work in progress.... inspired by the razer sensor panel
  3. you need to take the pictures from the panel and resize them to your desired size with an image programm like photoshop or gimp and then you need to change the size of the whole fonts.
  4. Font is "Geforce" Racqn_rainbow_800_1280.sensorpanel
  5. i saw some nice sensorpanels and i needed to do a new one...it is inspired by some of yours and i took the round gauges (i do not know anymore from who..sorry) but here you can see it
  6. just duplicate it on the right bottom where you can put the sensor etc on top and buttom
  7. 800x1280 i've done some little changes. font is still Geforce racQn_vertical_800_1280_sensorpanel.db3a5aaded37e56abb713d967ccb57eb
  8. cool but the different font styles are triggering me xD
  9. you have to install RivaTuner Statistics Server. if this programm run, it will send the informations to aida and after that you can show it.
  10. thank you for your request, but i am as lazy as you and won't switch the languages >_< i've rearranged everything for a tablet on 800x1232
  11. ach vergessen reinzupacken... schriftart ist geforce font is geforce
  12. here you go background ist im zip mit drin. SensorPanel.rar racQn.sensorpanel
  13. i have build my own sensor panel, inspired by some others, one with same background as wallpaper and one with nice borders. panel size with 2560x216 pixels...
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