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  1. Are you using a licensed version of Aida64.
  2. Can I ask if you could do another version of this screen same size, but without the middle FPS gauge. Showing the CPU gauge, and the GPU gauge in a larger size just like your previous screen before this one. Danke - Thank you
  3. A first try for me. Just my own take on a original post by Jav M. So credit due. I had some problems with the smaller RAM gauge reverting to a larger gauge each time I saved the file. Tried a couple of things to prevent it, though not entirely sure how it will come out for anyone who may want to download. Anyways. Thank you. 2021-02-09 FT.sensorpanel
  4. Like the animation on the edges. Great job, Thank you
  5. Thank you for this. Much appreciated
  6. This is amazing, thank you. I try to make for 800x480 but cannot do. I am new so may need a litlle help
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