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  1. this is anther screen i made today it is 1024 by 600 it is based on my streaming rig witch is a red themed rig i hope you guys enjoy 946223825_reddevilv.1_sensorpanel.75f0caaafb3bac954f8eaa92c4eb8748
  2. This a simple sensor screen for those who do no like busy screens tell me what you think its a 1024 by 600 screen 7 inch RED INSPIRATION.sensorpanel
  3. this is my cyberpunk 2077 nightcity panal it will only work on a 1024 by 600 7 inch screen unless you resize the assets plz give your thoughts on this as it is my first attempt cyberpunk 2077 nightcity v.2.sensorpanel
  4. this was my first attempt on making a sensor panal screen it only fits a 1024 by 600 screen 7 inch tell me what you think if you want the file plz let me know CYBERPUNK 2077 NIGHTCITY STATS SCREEN.sensorpanel
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