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  1. Hi... Thank you for the reply.  In short, I am considering replacing these with AIDA64 LCDs.  I like this software setup a lot but it cannot integrate view my AquaComputer devices (temps and flow sensors, fan speeds etc.)

    The though would be to use 2x LCD just like the picture and to looks one longer one.  The ideal size is 17.5" by 5.5" (but flexible.





  2. Is it possible to use 2 (or more) LCDs display different data?  Example: #1 for essential CPU etc while a #2 would have cooling info like fans, liquid temps etc.  If so... what are some recommendations?  Keep hearing Beada (which could work).  Alternatively, is there a larger compatible LCD?  Ideallly bar style but 17-18 wide.

    TY in advance for any guidance!!

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