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  1. I did this one a few months ago.
  2. When you import the .sensorpanel file on Aida64 automatically all the parts of the panel are backed up on path "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\SensorPanel" or wherever you have Aida64 installed. So import it and check it out.
  3. Sure, here it goes. 2021-06-01.sensorpanel
  4. New sensor panel. Let me know if u want the source .psd or other sizes. 2021-05-29_sensorpanel.ecf8385f5ae68a30115cff9e46515ae9
  5. Claro, busca en mis posts (Rolenko y Rolenko27) así como en los de los compañeros. Hay un montón de plantillas para pantallas de 5 pulgadas.
  6. Added gpu fans and memories temp values. Attached 480x800 version. 2021-05-11.sensorpanel
  7. Vertical version. 480x800. Vertical_DP.sensorpanel
  8. Here it goes. I did a few changes since i noticed that in a 5" lcd screen you need a bigger font size so as to let all the stuff properly readable. Btw, just in case someone could help me: I noticed i can't edit or create custom gauges, i have not "Gauge" Item type. How can i edit a custom gauge on last aida versions? 2021-02-07_minimal_nodp.sensorpanel
  9. 800x480. Let me know if you want me to share. I will post some pictures when my 5 inch screen come up from China.
  10. I did my own version from Addie Insulares template. Thanks pal. 800x480. 2021-02-06_FINAL_HORZ.sensorpanel
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