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  1. You can buy it from internet like Alibaba or amazon store
  2. Here you go https://1fichier.com/?7fzhcotsjmcca7awuwme
  3. Hi 1024 x600 You need to put font file into windows/fonts you can resize background to your panel https://1fichier.com/?mxdhyxo7x6hfipta8k0u
  4. I thing you need to delete AIDA64 and reinstall it again or talk with aida support
  5. BlueSky sensor updated 1024 x 600 https://1fichier.com/?4t9m3k3kueqa680agvql
  6. Hi BlueSky is here resolution is 1024 x 600 you just need to resize background to fit your panel Cheers https://1fichier.com/?ah9zc824cwerq0blqg0l
  7. Great work thank you adjusted to fit 1024 x 600 https://1fichier.com/?igtl35yi73jjlepxvqkg
  8. You just need to import the last sensor file i've uploaded it's already set to 800 x 480
  9. here you go 800 x480 https://1fichier.com/?xs7wp6udgr3idnd9xtps
  10. What is your resolution ? here you go it is 800x600 resolution you have background image you can resize it to fit your panel and there is 3 font files https://1fichier.com/?3wgqp1o3ie0aay2tlptb
  11. Hi Go Orange sensor is here this sensor resolution is 800x600 but you can resize the background in the zip file to fit your panel and there are 3 Font files Cheers https://1fichier.com/?49uszlv3feaki8y6u3m5
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