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  1. Take a look, maybe you like it. https://filehorst.de/download_mobile.php?file=dbpxHhue
  2. Don't know, you have to ask @nixon1026
  3. Amazing build, I love the snowblind feature. I want one for my build(dark base 700) as a sidepanel , but I'm to stupid to do it for myself.
  4. Thanks, but no there is no animation in the background.
  5. New sensorpanel in progress. My new panel just arrived yesterday and now I have to flip all my work to vertical... Damn, but I love the vertical mounting.
  6. You have to use it as remote LCD sensor panel, than it works like hell...
  7. Starting new project. Clean and simple, any thoughts?
  8. Great work, is it possible to get the 1920x480 version? thanks a lot.
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