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  1. Huh. Changing "English (Sweden)" to "English (United Kingdom)" under the Regional Format settings in Win 10 solved it. Must have had UK selected in the previous install. Can't hurt to keep it that way, as both long and short date and time format is the same in both places. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. Yes. It useed to work fine when viewed on both phone (albeit with the wrong font as I hadn't installed it there), Raspberry Pi, and browser on the same computer AIDA64 was installed on.
  3. After reinstalling Windows 10 my RemoteSensor LCD panel is showing degree symbols (°) as a question mark (�) on any device that accesses the web page. It is shown correctly in the AIDA64 LCD Items preview. But on my phone, Raspberry Pi, and even a browser on the same computer AIDA64 is running it's shown as the above question mark. The raspberry pi and computer have the correct font installed, and where I can change character encoding it's set to automatic or UTF-8. My Windows is set up to use English (UK) with Swedish input, region, and regional format. Have I missed something in some setup somewhere?
  4. Of course. It's a remote senor LCD rather than sensor panel, but I guess it wouldn't be too hard to recreate as the latter. Source files are Corel Draw vector if you want to change colours or shuffle things around, but I think that can be imported into something like Illustrator or Inscape. Font is Electrolize. remote_sensor.rslcd remote_sensor.cdr Electrolize-Regular.ttf
  5. First stab at this. The setup is a mix of a lot of great examples in this thread, and the frame is lifted directly from some of them. I'm displaying this on a Raspberry Pi Zero W using RemoteSensor rather than SensorPanel to have it in front of me beneath the monitor (and not need any extra displays setup in Windows), so any fancy graphics based gauges are unfortunately unavailable for me, but I'm happy with the result regardless.
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