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  1. Not that I know of... The only PCIe cards I have are my two GTX460's, and I don't have any esoteric USB/eSATA devices. I'm happy to keep working on fixing it if you guys are, but I realise it must be a time sink for one user.
  2. No luck. Cold boot this morning: I think I'll just give up and live with it.
  3. Update: from cold boot today, this happened again:
  4. Mine is a desktop, and sleep and hibernate are both disabled. I just did a shutdown and cold boot, and the issue popped up again, followed by AIDA64 crashing entirely ("AIDA64 has encountered a problem..."). I'm running the latest Beta (updated today - 4.20.2815).
  5. Now that you mention it, no. I hardly ever do a soft-restart, so I never noticed.
  6. Just to update: I'm still getting these Access Violation messages on the latest version of AIDS64 Extreme (4.20.2808 Beta). They almost always occur on login. Is there anything else I can provide to help in getting this fixed? It's driving me nuts.
  7. Alright, so I've updated to the latest 4.00.2752 Beta the other day, and saw this when I booted this morning: Am I the only person experiencing these issues?
  8. Upgrade and reboot were fine, but today I came home to this:
  9. An update - I am still receiving these error messages as of the latest build (4.00.2742 Beta)
  10. I haven't experienced a lockup or crash for a while, but the AIDA64 error messages persist.
  11. The issue is still occuring with the latest beta (4.00.2931)
  12. I was using the latest build when the issue appeared, I've now switched to the beta channel and am using v4.00.2726.
  13. Sorry, I only just saw this reply - I had 'follow topic' enabled, but wasn't getting any emails notifying me of posts... The option "Enable CPU throttling measurement" is already disabled, so that can't be the issue (unless I should try enabling it?)
  14. Hello, For the last week or so I've been receiving 'Access violation' error messages from AIDA64, like the following: In addition, my PC (Windows 8.1, 2x Nvidia GTX 460 in SLi) is randomly freezing, forcing a hard-reset. I believe the two symptoms are related. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Keep up the good work, definitely glad I bought this product.
  16. Hi Fiery, I tried the beta and disabling the RAID SMART option worked perfectly. Thanks.
  17. Good to hear this issue is solved in the latest beta, I thought I'd add a post from a separate thread just for posterity.
  18. I found this thread by googling the same issue. I can confirm this same problem is occuring on Windows 7 64-bit with AIDA 1.60.1300, I get mouse lag every 10 seconds or so which only occurs if AIDA is running. I've tried disabling low-level SMART operations as suggested, but the issue persisted. I have no external drives connected, no special sensor devices attached, and no other hardware monitoring software running in the background - unless you count the Intel RST tools. Any help would be appreciated, I love AIDA64 to bits but this is slowly driving me nuts. EDIT: Just did some testing a
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