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  1. fist time doing anything like this. my first.sensorpanel
  2. when i place an image on my sensor panel, it only shows when i am modifying the image. as soon as i go back to the panel manager, it goes away. Anyone have any sugestions ?
  3. Any one have a genshin impact theme. I'm new to this and im learning it through using and customizing themplets. its helped me a lot on how everything works
  4. As for the tron theme. The bigger the better.
  5. Tweaked a templet from someone. Don't know why the GPU VRAM label keeps going behind the gauge. my first.sensorpanel
  6. any in fine. it would go on my desktop
  7. anyone got a Tron theme sensor panel?
  8. If i download someone's panel and it is not the same resolution as my screen that i am using, is there way to shrink or expand the image so that it can fit?
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