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  1. I had a sensor pannel running for my msi rx5700xt, and it had everything that i wanted as far as sensors go. I just put in a EVGA Geforce 3080 Ti and some sensors are not available even thought i can monitor them through MSI Afterburner. Simple sensors like GPU usage% and Current GPU clock frequency. Is there something that i need to do with the Nvidia software that will allow aida 64 to comunicate with my new GPU? pls help. thanks.
  2. fist time doing anything like this. my first.sensorpanel
  3. when i place an image on my sensor panel, it only shows when i am modifying the image. as soon as i go back to the panel manager, it goes away. Anyone have any sugestions ?
  4. Any one have a genshin impact theme. I'm new to this and im learning it through using and customizing themplets. its helped me a lot on how everything works
  5. As for the tron theme. The bigger the better.
  6. Tweaked a templet from someone. Don't know why the GPU VRAM label keeps going behind the gauge. my first.sensorpanel
  7. any in fine. it would go on my desktop
  8. anyone got a Tron theme sensor panel?
  9. If i download someone's panel and it is not the same resolution as my screen that i am using, is there way to shrink or expand the image so that it can fit?
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