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  1. if you can pull temp info from mainboard if you are using asus brand, over 90% of there board monitor temp by areas.
  2. as i believed all partitions on the same drive will show the same value
  3. designed for 2 display sizes : 400x800 & 480x800. feel free to message me if you are interested these free templates, custom gauge, sword will move and change color by temp.
  4. here is my star wars design as Mebadwow's request. STAR WARS.mp4
  5. i don't think those were animations at all, you can use different images and set them as custom gauge images, whenever the meter values changed it would show the different images which making you think they are animation effect, animation will display on higher fps than that. if you look closely, you would see the image only change when the values are changed
  6. give us more details such as where the panel you want to set at (on main screen or small secondary screen inside pc case). also your system hardware info and list of hardware info you want to be displayed on the panel. when i have time i will help you design some for free...
  7. I don't think the sensor panel support gif tho, but there is a workaround if you have 2nd screen for the sensor panel. if you do, you can set the secondary monitor with animation background then rebuild your panel on top of that background and dont forget to set panel's transparent. good luck and have fun
  8. if you are running OS on M.2 NVME SSD the SSD will get way warmer than ssd because it performs high data transfer rate even it using lower power wattage than HDD. 32-48C is normal for this type of ssd in idle stat,you can add either heatsink or fan cooler to them to keep them run cooler but don't forget to apply thermal pad, the stock heat transfer pads from manufacturers are suck.
  9. forgot to add the template on previous post, here is my design template incase someone want it. MB : Asus Strix x570 CPU : AMD Ryzen 9 3900x (OC all cores 4.225 Ram : trident Z 3600MHz F series GPU : Asus Strix RX 5700XT OC 8GB OS drive : Sabrent Rocket NVME 4.0 1TB CPU Cooler : AMD stock Wraith Prism silent mode SENSOR PANEL.rar
  10. also here is my other custom gauges set incase anyone need them. color change by temp, min =0C, 1st limit = 50C ; 2nd limit = 67C ; 3rd limit = 81C ; max =100C. these are large gauges size
  11. here is mine, awaiting for the 8.8" led to set it as 2nd monitor
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