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  2. This is a copy/paste or one of your replies which quoted my provided posts and was followed by your reply to that post: THE QUOTED PART OF YOUR REPLY: My phone is not synced to my PC. I do not want my phone synced to my PC. I DO NOT use Social Media to any extent considered as normal. I HATE SMARTPHONES WITH A PASSION!!! I do not use my smartphone online for anything and as such have VERY limited data each month and am totally fed up with my phone's browser being hijacked to plaster BS ads in my face whenever I'm simply trying to use my phone as a phone or send or rece
  3. Congratulations Mr Administrator Product Support representative! Kaspersky has given up on your useless app and is seeking other avenues to fulfill our current needs. You have a fantastic way of ruining public opinion about FinalWire's product line - not just AIDA64 for Android... ANYTHING carrying their Corporate name! Have a nice day!
  4. I came to this forum because the AIDA64 app you helped develop for Android doesn't function as it is supposed to and asked for assistance in getting it to work as everything within the menu selections of the app indicate it should. I did not come here to put up with you copping a freaking attitude and taking it out on me because you seem to be pissed off that I pointed out that the app which you helped develop is a piece of useless garbage as far as I'm concerned; because it obviously doesn't function as intended, or I wouldn't be here at these forums... And if you functioned as any RESPONSI
  5. I have searched all over the internet by Googling Configuring email address for use by AIDA64 for Android app in a multitude of grammatical arrangements and have checked every site in the results of those searches and found not one set of instructions for configuring my email address for use with the AIDA64 for Android phone app! Why are there no instructions to be found in the entirety of the web while you plainly state here that I need to configure my email address for use by the app? Have you been lying to me all this time? Is that why you initially thought I meant the app for Windows
  6. Please answer one question. How did you ever acquire an excellent rating as an Administrator? From everything anyone can see in this post, you are totally worthless. You provided not one piece of information to help no matter how many times you identified the cause of the problem and no matter how many times I requested the instructions in response to your identified source of my problems with your useless AIDA64 app for Android and misconstrued my provided information at least three times. I have gained no confidence in your capabilities, no confidence in your non intuitive app which you help
  7. Just so you don't feel blindsided or think you can simply delete this thread and cover your tracks;; I've activated my Nvidia recording capability for desktop and scrolled through the entirety of this thread and uploaded the recording to YouTube and have passed the following information on to FinalWire Corporate and the Webmaster. I may not know much about smartphones, nor care much for, or follow much of Social Media; but that's not my problem and neither is this... It's yours! ENJOY!!! https://youtu.be/cxdpgXdyCzg
  8. These words should look familiar. They're yours: "BTW, I'd appreciate it if you could dial down the arrogance..." These words should also look familiar. They're part of my reply which contains an exact copy/paste from your previous reply: "You wrote: "You need to have a configured email account in order to send emails" Okay fine... HOW?" So I ask you in all honesty... Were you offended because my all caps HOW implied you were being obtuse? Just how arrogant is anyone to perceive you to be when anybody can easily infer you knew exactly why I couldn't use AIDA64 for
  9. Let me be perfectly clear. You stated in a previous response (copy/pasted for accuracy): "I'm sorry, I thought you meant that you cannot send emails using our AIDA64 for Windows PCs software. You weren't clear about you're having problems with AIDA64 for Android, our mobile app Anyway, reading through your posts I suppose the main issue is that you have no email account configured on your Android device." How many times must I ask you HOW to configure my email account for AIDA64 before you finally understand and justify the reason for this forum and the reason I am becoming to
  10. Kaspersky IS trying to help, but there is a huge problem when their instructions don't match your AIDA64 for Android app menu and a further problem when your app will not send any email when I select "Send Report In E-mail" from your Android app menu. This makes no sense "3. Share menu with come up." The following cannot be found anywhere in your app menus to my knowledge "4. Click on the "copy" option" and as such cannot be performed by me. Ths is an exerpt from the email from Kaspersky. Is it any wonder I turn to you for help and only am becoming more frustrated? Dear cus
  11. You stated that I needed to configure my email address for use with the AIDA64 app but for some inexplicable reason, you constantly fail to provide the necessary instructions for how to do that. Is it any wonder that I'm getting ticked off at your apparent refusal to help and resort to all caps since you seem to keep missing the point of my using your forum. And your childish complaint about my complaints being written in all caps (which make no more or less noise than all lower case) is pointless because you still ignore them and is all the more reason why I hate forums and the attitude
  12. And get off your high horse and stop telling me what I need to do and start telling me HOW to do it! Did I mention I hate smartphones with a passion? THAT is a huge hint that I don't use them for anywhere near what they are capable of. It's a phone! I use it as a phone and for texting on occasion... PERIOD!
  13. I have gone through EVERY SETTING I CAN FIND in the AIDA64 app FOR ANDROID and can find NOTHING for email configuration! WHY IS SUCH A NECESSARY THING SO WELL HIDDEN?
  14. I wrote: "This app IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP!" So why does AIDA64 not configure EVERYTHING or at least walk the user through EVERYTHING NEEDED TO FULLY CONFIGURE IT for use with every feature of the basic app when it is being installed? WHY DO DEVELOPERS PRETEND EVERYBODY KNOWS HOW TO DO ALL THE THINGS THEY NEVER MENTION? WHY IS AIDA64 NON-INTUITIVE IN THIS REGARD? Kaspersky tech support told me: 1) Go to the Google Play Store. Find, download and install AIDA64. DONE 2) Tap the three little dots in the upper right corner of the scree
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