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  1. I upgraded to the beta. The sensor now works! However my computers is very unstable. It will hard lock and reboot with a bugcheck 116. It does not seem to matter what I'm running or even have a consistent time frame. I am running the latest drivers from AMD. My system has hard crashed 4 times today alone while simply using a browser and discord. I turned off Aida and so far everything is fine. As a side note it appears to conflict with the discord overlay. I had several systems crashes while playing a game and getting a message on discord. I disabled the overlay and that seemed t
  2. As the title says I'm experiencing the flickering with the 6800 XT in the sensor panel similar to this thread: AMD RX 6800 GPU Not showing in sensor panel - Bug reports - AIDA64 Discussion Forum. Is there any luck on this? Or am I doing something incorrectly? I'm running the 6.32.5640 beta and the 21.2.3 drivers. I've attached the gpu register dump. I hope this helps! atigpureg.txt
  3. I am really sorry to be "that guy" but can anyone link to the post for this panel? It is fantastic. I gave up after going back to page 46 or 47 of this thread. Thank you in advance!
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