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  1. Ah so I found on the forums when looking for problems with Aida64 not picking up things to do with my 6900xt. That Aida64 are aware that the new gen of GPU’s are not quite working correctly with Aida64 and that they are on the case, so hopefully a few updates soon should have you fixed. I downloaded the beta version and it fixed most of my issues I was having so would suggest that. otherwise you'll Just have to wait
  2. What GPU are you running? Also does the gpu temp show up in the the standard part of Aida64
  3. Does it say trial? If your still on the Aida64 trial it won’t work I’m pretty sure. Otherwise just modify the gauge again from gpu diode to gpu or gpu to gpu diode, I forget which way but have a go and that should work.
  4. Thanks, very happy with the outcome.
  5. So all the credit for this one goes to Tahsin as he done all the work first, i just adapted it to 600x1024 and added the bits that i want on my panel. But yeah i just downloaded and used his gauges ect. I have adjusted the % on the gpu and cpu usage as i noticed in this screen shot that they are overlapping the numbers. If the file doesnt work then just change the file name to BlueSky600x1024.sensorpanel and it should work, still not sure why the files i upload are renaming themselves. BlueSky600x1024_sensorpanel.c875c3e1b433547e17c8452e89f1e608
  6. Im trying to re upload it but it keeps putting a load of numbers before and after the file, maybe one of the seasoned guys on here can let me know how to stop this from happening. So for the moment you can download the file then rename the file RedBlackSensor-v2.sensorpanel and then import it to aida64 and itll work. RedBlackSensor-v2_sensorpanel.96324ccc0f45338fcb02b0c930c07e8e
  7. Hmm strange, I’ll re-upload tomorrow when I get a chance
  8. So thanks for the help guys.... managed to get the GPu clock up and working although when the clock hits 0mhz it disappears so any hints on how to fix that would be great. I've attached the file for anyone who wants, 600x1024 **** Updated the file as i realised the font on the GPU temp wasnt the same as the CPU and also re adjusted positions for time 1375870511_RedBlackSensorv2_sensorpanel.b4f3bdbe79d4105c82f7b9c8ef5dbd43
  9. So just figured it out... seems I needed to load the gpu by putting a video on one side of the screen whilst I adapted the panel on the other side because reading a few of the forums it looks like the new series of GPU’s are giving a false reading and aida64 is reading negative figures when not under load.
  10. Thanks for the quick response but as you can see below its not in my list?
  11. So i have been using aida64 for all of a day or two and i want to do my own original design but i thought to get to learn how it all works i would adapt someone elses design which i really liked (cant remember who's but all credit goes towards the orignal designer) but it was in 1024 x 600 and i have a 600 x 1024 screen. I have a little problem though, I want to put another bar underneath the GPU Power bar which will give a GPU core clock speed in MHz but the sensor doesnt seem to be in the list... does anyone else have this problem?
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