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  1. Great thanks for letting me know that's really helpful, I'll give the Beta version a go. Thanks again dude!
  2. 3080 Founders Edition, I can see the temps when I run my own basic version using GPU temp sensor, but obviously it doesn't look awesome like any of the ones on here as you can imagine...
  3. Nah i got the full fat version for sure, I changed the gauge from gpu diode to gpu and it's still having none of it, complete noob at all this sorta stuff, I'll have another crack at it again soon but can imagine it'll go as well as it did last time...
  4. Hey dude this is awesome. Completely new to this as of yesterday, any idea why it might not be showing the GPU temp but everything else is working? Cheers!
  5. Does anybody have any of these awesome Sci-Fi inspired ones that they would be willing to share in 480 x 800 portrait please? Just got my sensor panel today and loving some of these on here, unfortunately they're all the wrong orientation. Thanks!
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