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  1. Finally I got wider screen and mounted all together on my simracing rig. Sensor panel layout is full my custom design including the dual round gauges. It took me hours to learn all needed software but the end result is rewarding If anyone likes the design let me know and I will share the file with you.
  2. Rename the file to 1920X1080.sensorpanel and it imports. But the import is broken a bit, doesnt pull in nice fancy dials
  3. Did you use search? https://forums.aida64.com/search/?q=pokemon&quick=1&type=forums_topic&item=667
  4. Sure thing. This is my final version for 800x480 screen. I used the ferro-rosso font which makes it look slightly different to initial screenshot. Enjoy. I am currently working on a 1920x480 Ferrari style panel, with custom design gauges... More about that soon in separate post. Ferrari 800x480.sensorpanel
  5. Yes, welcome to customizing sensor panels. Addictive and rewarding at same time
  6. Amazing and simple. Thanks for sharing. There seems to be something wrong with zip file. I get this error, tried few times downloading and unapcking Can you resend?
  7. Hi. Did you finish this project? Could you share the sensor panel file pls?
  8. My first attempt at modifying some existing simple panel from this forum. Thanks a lot everyone for such inspiring contrigution on this thread. Lot's of great ideas... I plan to use this one with 800x480 screen that is due to arrive next week. It should fit great with overall custom Ferarri theme I am building.
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