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  1. it's a lot more fickle than that. Some of the assets are not always going to be the easiest to resize. good luck!
  2. you unfortunatly have to set the canvas to that manually and resize everything manually.....OR the ONLY cheat i can find is changing screen resolution to the sensor panel resolution....Kinda dumb. I have been looking for a way to do this FOREVER
  3. 2nd sensor panel... 1920x1080 AsusBlackRedWhite_sensorpanel.25d37a886eed4f9a2a7585fa4294c072
  4. still need? i had to do a fresh install on windows so i dont have it
  5. Heavily modified someone elses. Im so creative. ASUSCLEAN_sensorpanel.71b1a5fc829c227934ae634c7906bd70
  6. First Ever. stole some idea from everyone. thank you to the community. you basically made it. its BIGGER @ 1920x1200 on a 10 inch fire tablet LUL MYSENSORPANEL_sensorpanel.4c4982c9407f9cb8eb5f6dc589c54956
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