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  1. Currently simple sensor items display their text aligned to the left with an option to choose right align as well. I'm trying to keep labels that change size aligned to a point middle point. Is there a way to center align text sensor items?
  2. I've looked around for OLED panels too and never found any. I asked Beada about it and they said there isn't really much like that being produced. I'm sure it will be big news in this forum when a line of OLED panels shows up
  3. What a wonderful color scheme. Gives me sour gummy worm vibes
  4. I'm using right angle ribbon cables for the HDMI and USB which happened to make the screen the perfect height to sit on the inner lip of the case. However the USB is angled the opposite way (oversight on my part when ordering) so it can't sit flush with the front lip or the floor of the case. What I did temporarily was use some of the GPU IO covers as stilts and secured them to the back and floor using electrical tape.
  5. Ordered the wrong micro USB so the mounting is janky but this is my first panel
  6. Turns out the issue was the splitter I was using. I daisy-chained my fans and plugged them directly into the board an AIDA now detects them just fine.
  7. I made some really basic white gauges for my panel and figured I'd offer them here in case anyone wanted to use them. Pretty easy to recolor, can help with that if you'd like too WhiteGauges.zip
  8. Hello, Jayz' video on his sensor panel brought me here. I'm attempting to set up a panel for my PC but am struggling to figure out how to make my chassis fans be detected. I have an Asrock z390 ITX Phantom Gaming with 3 fan headers on the board. They are CHA_FAN, CPU_FAN, and CPU_FAN/W_PUMP. My chassis fans are Inwin Serius Loop ASL120 and are on a PWM splitter. I have attempted to plug them in to CHA_FAN as well as CPU_FAN but neither seem to allow AIDA to read the speed. My CPU pump has read, and changed name, just fine when plugging into CPU_FAN or CPU_FAN/W_PUMP. I've read through a few posts and found things such as how Asrock muxes(?) fan headers together which is why I tried moving the fans to a different header. I also included the ISA Sensor dump which I saw requested a few times. Any help or ideas would be appreciated isasensordump.txt
  9. Just finished my 800x480 almost monochrome panel. First attempt at something like this
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