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  1. Full credit to Liao Joey for sharing his NZXT style gauges. Thanks so much for that.! I've only been using Aida64 for about 4 hours.. also had to learn a bit of photoshop to resize the gauges to suit my 800x480 screen size. Very simple but that's what i'm all about, it will match my pc nicely. I'm going to design a 480x800 version also as i'm not sure which orientation i will mount my screen as yet. Also have to buy Aida64 to get rid of the trial business lol. *edit* the cpu graph is showing a low visual as i had the wrong temp sensor selected. fixed it now.
  2. Thanks - I've got it working now. Actually it was my fault for not using the right extracting program. :S Will be trying to mod it for my 480 x 800 panel, thanks !
  3. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to create a sensor panel with the gauges that's 480 x 800. Sorry for the noob question, but how do i open that file? when i try and open with winrar i get an error. :s
  4. That's a blatant rip off your work. ! not cool.! I did ask about sharing the file a day ago as i thought it was a nice theme and would match my NZXT cooler. Perhaps ill try and make my own dials similar to that, however i think the skill needed to achieve such a look is very high!
  5. This looks awesome!, i love the simple look. Are you able to share this in 800 x 480??
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