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  1. Please share when you work is done ...I love it!
  2. This is looking so great! I'd like a copy please, your gauges are literally the best contact: vincentchuah6596@gmail.com
  3. this template still under progress, not yet fully complete.
  4. what small monitor is that ? wher to purchase it ?
  5. possible to share your sensor panel download link?
  6. finally got the chance to download the theme create by you. just hope that you also can share the ZERO V2 1920X480 for me to download also. this is my email : vincentchuah6596@gmail.com
  7. can share 1920x480 sensorpanel please?
  8. possible to share the link to download this ?
  9. Can you share a link to this work?
  10. can share me all the 1920 x 480 template to me. thx in advanced. my email is hot88shot88@gmail.com
  11. This looks great! Mind sharing it?
  12. This looks great! Mind sharing it?
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