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  1. in msi aftreburner go in to settings<monitoring<than scroll on to freamerate "click"on it and mark "show in on-screen display" than apply
  2. Hi i had the same problem had to uninstall everything than rivatune + msi than aida64 it worked. PS u do know that u have to activate fps counter in rivatuner 1st?
  3. Hi not sure if thats what u mean but go in to ur pc taskbar setting than scroll down on to multiple displays and underneath u have option "show taskbar on all displays" turn it off. Now u wont see it on ur sensorpanel
  4. thanx and yes i do have full ver
  5. Awesome!!! truely awesome any chance for resized 800 x 600??? plz
  6. Awesome panel any idea why me aio pump rpm sensor shows 0rpm all the time??
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