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  1. sorry i dont have this panel no more
  2. sorry but i dont have this panel no more
  3. heres a 480x800 panel @lilsenpai black verical 480x800.sensorpanel
  4. black red version of @zér0Kelvin sensorpanel 1080x1920 Black Vertical 1080x1920.sensorpanel
  5. Red and grey version of @Sanghoon Han sensor panel without the date and time 1920x480 RGB Mod GreyRed.sensorpanel
  6. you rescale it using a graphics program ie. photoshop, gimp make a panel to the size of your display and fit everything back on it using the panel you made to fit your display
  7. here you go @fortydegreeday got bored so i made it for your display you just need to change titles, values to suit your machine
  8. here is my nezuko panel with some changes with fonts used NEZUKO 1080x1920.sensorpanel Geforce.zip GN-KillGothic_U.zip pirulen.zip
  9. you might have to rescale the panel to fit your display
  10. this is a mockup of my new panel im going to use thanks to @operbico for the borders that i changed up will share if anyone wants it when im done with it panel of nezuko from demon slayer anime panel size is 1080x1920
  11. working on this dbz panel from scratch the values are place holders as it is a mockup
  12. working on some dbz gauges for a dbz themed panel what do you guys think?
  13. sure theres 768x1366 and 1080x1920 RyzenPanel.sensorpanel RyzenPanel 1080x1920.sensorpanel
  14. thanks to @teetaatee i made a red vertical version of his RYZEN sensor panel at 768x1366 and thanks to @al3cs86 for the background if anyone wants it i can share it
  15. My new sensor panel thanks to @racQn for the inspiration
  16. sorry i don't have that sensor panel no more cause i accidentally deleted it i can try to make it again if you want
  17. My sensor panel i finished today On a 1366x768 screen this is my first panel i made to insparation from panels i saw on here
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