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  1. Not sure what you mean. I import the templates. the Background picture always has the correct size while the "text" does not fit in. Fix Size is not activated, so the import should work properly. could you help me to find the error it does not have any influence if i change the scale from 100 to 150
  2. i am also new. my expectation is that if i import a template it formats all correctly. Most probably we have an issue because of missing fonds. so good would be to have the fonds in the template included. but it should just not fit but not fully be out of the window. is there a way to fix that. like guide for dummies how to import things correctly? Also i cannot exchange the background PNG on the templates (always get an error message)?
  3. would it be possible to share that. best without CPU, GPU und RAM Details. Not sure how i can change the png of a sensorpanel
  4. why does that happen with most of the downloads
  5. Hi, i love your panel setup. it is amazing. but would you be able to share it with gifs included and in 800x480 or another smaller layout? additionally mine locks somehow wrong
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