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  1. So updating had no change. Starting to feel like I have bought something that is broke. Not a happy camper. Are we sure this works with this card? Why doesn't any GPU related options show when trying to build my own panel? Why doesn't it read my CPU fan? I know it is running. Why doesn't it read my power use? EDIT to add. Everything is up to date for my drivers, the related software and windows.
  2. I am having a stuttering issue with AIDA64. I tried disabling the embedded controller I saw mentioned in other posts and it did not work. I flashes and all the display for AIDA only flickers. The only things running in the background are AVG, dropbox, AI Suite, radeon control, G HUB and steam. The other issue is that is it not reading GPU temp, GPU clock, GPU memory usage, GPU usage CPU or GPU power. Nor is reading my CPU fan speed or NVME drive temp. MY system is: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X RAM
  3. Getting ready to build a new water cooled system. For the first time, I want to do something a bit show-y and I will splurge on a video card. I am going to stick with AMD all the way. I currently have most of the components and I have been looking at all these very sweet sensor setups and I want to see if I can fit one in the case. I am going to be using a Lian Li O11 Dynamic with an EKWB *FRONT* distribution plate and two rads (top and bottom, for the CPU only at this point) with a vertically mounted and (later) a water cooled 6800xt (when they are normally priced). Once I ge
  4. Nice! I have a Samsung 7" panel lying around. It was dog slow for doing anything on it, so I am not sure it would work for me. What panel did you use?
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