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  1. already done, go back a couple of page
  2. Here, it's my setup se you just need to import and no modification Vesimas_Final_sensorpanel.acff1cbc5e25579c4dcbd86d752ad74d
  3. Sure Remember to edit the core 9/10 with th right sensor since i can't do it because i can't see it having an eight core There is so much space that you can add what you want Vesimas_Final_1280_800_sensorpanel.53a6ee2d5fcaa180842011a346bc47f8
  4. Thank for sharing, i used your skin for doing from the start my panel Still deciding what font color to use btw
  5. I have a problem, i found a nice png backgroud and i edited it to match the res of 1024x600 but when i'm trying to use it i get this error, also a pic of the backgroud. Someone know what happening? Thank you
  6. Where did you get this template? And what resolution? TY
  7. I can't use it with Adrenaline software Btw i solved running RTTS in background, now i can see the fps on the panel
  8. Uhm do you mean i have to launch rivaturner or just activate it and then close the program?
  9. I'm new to Aida64 too and i noticed this too btw i have redone it from the start adding/removing item, here where i'm atm with the editing (still need to add something) and thankx obviously to the original maker
  10. Hello first time here, i just bought a 7" inch display to do a sensor panel and i found this topic EDIT: edited because in the end i customize the panel for my taste but i still have a question about the FPS, it seems that doens't work, it stays always at 0. RTSS is installed
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