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  1. Hi all, new Sensor Panel with new Gauges im Progress. Size: 480 x 800 First Screen from Gauges: what do you think Regards kevjaN
  2. Hello all, I unfortunately forgot to upload the sensor panel file. Post I have just edited. @suade8880 kevjaN
  3. Hello again, so for now i am done with my first version (maybe). Enclosed the files have fun with it. If something should be missing, so let me know. @suade8880 have fun size 800 x 480 kevjaN gaugs.zip circuit_panel.psd big_noodle_titling.ttf circuit_panel.sensorpanel
  4. Hello all, My first project with AIDA64 Sensor panel. Currently still in progress, but when I'm done with it I'll be happy to share it with you. kevjaN
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