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  1. thanks i checked and think only certain memory modules are supported
  2. Trying to make animated fans or thinking on how i would go about it ?most of us display fan speed in our panels but i have not seen a true spinning fan as of yet unless i have missed it ? I have static fan images and a custom gauge with 15 images of fans but its not spinning ? thinking about it the only way i can see this happening is if the panel was allowed to use .gifs ? but then the fan would be at a constant speed to get the true effect i think 15 gifs would have to be used ? with slow to high speeds
  3. Thanks for the reply , I tried your suggestion but looks like only it does not work , never mind was worth a try
  4. Thanks to slapCat for this perfect design , i decided to configure it to my own system and screen size I made two styles but i have a problem , how do you show memory temperature ? i have looked but for the life of me cant see it.
  5. Hello New here So decided to take a look at the info panel thinggy for my PC and came here for ideas and help , just spent all afternoon playing and found it like a stress release in a weird way lol , anyway mark one of i think will be many , its for my personal use so i tailored it to my system , made the big dials from scratch as the ones i had did not reflect the correct temp , dial was showing 40 and numbers were at 60 so looked at how the dials were made and used them as a template to increase by increments of 5 . dont know what else to include atm but just happy for my first outing
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