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  1. looks great, are you able to share? looking for the 1024x600 if you can. looks like someone jacked your work and tried to resell, i understand if dont want to share. if still do send link to my email! c0de6349@gmail.com
  2. wow... really nice. what is easiest way to get it 1024x600? anyone know?
  3. what is resolution? do you have a final? i love this if you can share <3 a 1024x600 lol
  4. i am probably going to end up buying a new LCD just because of this design lmao.
  5. i figured out how to fix that , if you right click the panel file open with, choose notepad the first like 2 lines will show dimensions. you can edit it. things probably wont be lined up still though. but at least the file wont change default size anymore
  6. I KNOW me either rog/white. i had to get a black one... 1100$ later too!
  7. for some reason everytime i import this panel it changes my default size even though i have lock size enabled. 819x480 instead of 1024x600 like my system is supposed to force...
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