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  1. whatever, i set up a script to kill and relaunch aida64 and use Hibernate Trigger to launch it on resume from sleep. aida relaunches before the beadapanel fully boots up but it connects straight away when it does. seems to work well.
  2. Please help, it seems that this does occur after every time I wake from sleep. The only solution is restarting Aida64. For a $120 panel, I would really like this working as intended.
  3. @Fiery just want to make sure this gets seen, should i open a ticket instead?
  4. Could we at least have the option to rotate the splash screen somehow? I have my panel mounted vertically, so the splash screen comes up sideways. Minor annoyance, but I've put a lot of effort into my build.
  5. @beada Hi, I just received this new 6.8" BeadaPanel the other day. It looks great and I am thrilled to be able to change the screensaver using BeadsTools for when Aida64 is not yet connected. The only thing that bugs me is the Linux penguin and BeadaPanel splash screens that are displayed before the screensaver. Is there any way at all to disable these splash screens from appearing when the panel starts up?
  6. I just got in the new 6.8" super wide BeadaPanel the other day and it's great when it's connected, but sometimes (not always) when coming back from sleep it goes to the screensaver and Aida64 shows "Error: LCD init failed" in the LCD preferences. Disabling and re-enabling BeadaPanel support does nothing, but if I terminate Aida64 and relaunch it reconnects just fine. Attaching some dump files if it helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help chase down this bug. devdump.txt usbdump.txt
  7. Wow you guys are fast. The fan sensors are labeled and responding as expected, no issues with RPMs jumping sensors. However I'm not seeing the AIO_PUMP represented anywhere, and the "Power Supply" fan is no longer there. AIO_PUMP RPMs were previously reported, albeit with issues as described above. Is the Power Supply fan not able to be read from the motherboard?
  8. I have the new NZXT B550 motherboard that was released a few weeks ago. Some of the cooling fans listed have oddly specific names in Aida64 (System, Chassis, GPU) when the motherboard pins are labeled CPU_FAN, AIO_PUMP, SYS_FAN 1, SYS_FAN 2, SYS_FAN 3, SYS_FAN 4, and SYS_FAN 5. See here on page 15, items 2, 5, 16 and 29: https://nzxt-site-media.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/uploads/download/attachment/1033/N7_B550-Digital_Manual-210315-EN.pdf For full context on my machine, it's the NZXT B550 motherboard with 5800x Ryzen, NZXT X53 AIO on the CPU, RTX 2080 (stripped for AIO), second RTX X53
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