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  1. This will be very nice and make me so happy. The size is 400x1400 horizontal. And another question. I use Aquatuning Quadro. If i like to have the watertemp, why i cant take it out from sensors in gauge? In the normal overview i see it but i cant use it in gauge. Has this a reason of software isue?
  2. I Try Gimp now but im not good in something like that. I load it go on increase but nothing happens.... This is so frustrated
  3. Hi Guys, for beginn, sorry for my maybe bad english. And now my question I try to build my own Sensorpanel with this gauge from nzxt where some post here in this forum. Now i like to know. Is there a possiblity to increase the size of this gauge which i copy out of this forum? Thank you so much for your help. Best regards Sylvio
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