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  1. You may already know this. This an example on how to create and run two sensor panel monitors more than anything else. Set up the two monitors side by side and create a sensor panel that is the size of the two combined (this example is 1024x600 plus 400x1280 equals 1424x1280). You can then arrange your sensor panel objects inside the monitors and create the illusion of two separate panels when it's really only one. For this one, I used some free clipart but the everything else is stock Aida64. 1551632305_dualdisplay2021-05-24_sensorpanel.c949708965b646a57a0303465d11e1cc
  2. Nice. Where did you get that display? Link?
  3. I agree. I've started converting it to 1024x600 but it's slow going.
  4. Some Steampunk Gauges I created from free clipart. 1024x600 1615705732_SteampunkGauges2021-04-17_sensorpanel.6b46d70003d2893c5aac27903ca4ce43
  5. Pigs (Three Different Ones). 1024 x 600 My 2nd attempt. Thanks to the person who uploaded the white gauges. Flying Pig2021-04-16.sensorpanel pf-animals.zip
  6. I just started using Aida64 last night. This is my first attempt at a 1024x600 panel. grandious-vengeance.zip Joker 2021-04-15.sensorpanel
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