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  1. Hello, very nice of you to help and maybe you could help me. I have a sensor panel that I already downloaded and modified but its only at a resolution of 800x480. How do you scale a sensor panel to fit your screen's native resolution? My panel is a 1024x600. Thank you.
  2. Hey Everyone, Yet again, I wanted to share another modified file. First of all props goes out to the original creator of this file. Loved the colors and the overall theme. I did customize this to suit my Watercooled setup so for those with watercooled builds this sensor panel is tailored to you. You could obviously modify it if you are not. Anyways, enjoy. 2021-05-08 beta2.sensorpanel
  3. Fiery, I just want to thank you for your efforts. Apologies for the late reply but I installed the BETA and sure enough I now have Memory Junction Temp on my Sensor panel now. It works great and I can also confirm that its the same values as what HWinfo64 shows. Thank you and job well done.
  4. Yes, when not using the Computer for Games or work. Usually do daily runs of 8hrs.
  5. Ok, might download your file then and see how it works out. Looks great and thank you!
  6. Thanks, just did a search and I did find a thread where the Aida team did say they were working on it. That was said earlier this month. Hopefully with an update soon we can see that. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I would greatly appreciate being able to put memory junction temp on my panel. Can't wait for the update.
  8. Anyone know if we can display Memory Junction Temperature for 30 series on Aida64?
  9. Hello, curious as to what resolution this is at? Thanks in advance.
  10. Is anyone else using AquaComputer products on here? Wondering if the sensors/info seen in the AquaSuite(for example, Ambient, Coolant temps) be something that could be added to an Aida64 Sensor panel?
  11. Hey guys, Just want to thank everyone here that contributes to this thread. I did a few days of simply skimming through most if not all the pages. Saw a theme I liked then modified it to my liking. This is working for me for now. This is a 800x480 version being used on a 7" screen. Any advice on how to scale up the them to my native 1024x600 would greatly be appreciated. Special thanks goes out to the original creator of this theme! 2021-04-20.sensorpanel
  12. Hello, I saw this from page 31 & 61 browsing. Not sure if you ever put out the res version you stated here. Is that a possibility? I have a theme downloaded currently but its a 800x480 and I have a 1024x600 screen. If you could please attached the file I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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