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  1. @ThatManOnTheMoon All the credit goes your way for the inspiration and sharing your fonts and ideas here. And I hope my adaptation is ok with you, if you feel it is ok i will share PSD/.sensorpanel files. I made my own adaptation of your very clean design to fit my needs of 600x1024 and colors etc. The design is a bit "to the right" due to how my panel is mounted in the case i loose a couple of pixels to the left.. Sensorpanel_Blocks.rar
  2. Good idea attatched the modified PSD and sensorpanel file. 1605233475_SensorPanelPurpleAquaColorVertical600X1024_sensorpanel.a129b06d579e87087300d8a6c07b67a1 1538947968_SensorPanelNeutralPurpleAquaVertical600X1024.psd
  3. Thank you Adopted it for my system and added some colors to match my newly built rig. The screen will be mounted inside as soon as I can make a holder for it.
  4. Thank you very much is it possible to get the background as .PSD so i can adapt drives etc for my own needs?
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