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  1. I have just purchased an AIDA64 Extreme Edition license with 3 years maintenance. (Fiery, your fast replies to my ECC and ChipKill post converted me from the trial version). The Licensing AIDA64 page reads: Does this mean I can: install it, uninstall it and/or format the hard drive containing Windows and AIDA64, and reinstall AIDA64 an unlimited number of times on 3 computers simultaneously? If I install AIDA64 on 3 computers, then remove it from one of the computers (let's say, the third computer), does that mean I can install it on a fourth computer (one that is different from the
  2. Hello, Thanks for the fast reply. Does this mean my system is using normal single-bit ECC in both detection and correction modes, or could it mean that my ECC is working in detection-only (not correction) mode? If my ECC is working in detection-only mode, then the AIDA64's DMI Memory Controller report of won't be wrong; am I right? Is there a possibility that, in my case, both the DMI report and the Chipset report are correct? ------------------------------------------------ I have a follow-up question on the ChipKill reporting: So, the Chipset page of AIDA64 reports "ChipKill ECC: S
  3. Hello, My system: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P (revision 1.1) CPU: Phenom II X4 925, RB-C2 stepping Memory: Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK4/16G (kit of four unbuffered ECC DDR3-1333 modules, 16 GB total, dual rank modules, each module has eighteen 256M x 8-bit FBGA) I manually underclocked the memory to 1066 MHz in BIOS. I left the timings as SPD auto-detected values for the 1066 MHz profile. Other values I set in the BIOS: DCTs Mode: Ganged DRAM ECC enable: Enabled DRAM MCE enable: Enabled Chip-Kill mode enable: Enabled DRAM ECC Redirection: Enabled DRAM background scrubber: 163.8
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