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  1. yes i did that and they are still coming up with the readings all over the place. i have to keep rearranging the whole panel to get it to look right. the font sizes are way to big and the location of the readings are all over the place. i cant figure out what could be causing it. i need to get a sensor panel from someone and get a screen shot of the x and y locations to see if they are correct or if they are changing. if they are correct then its a setting in my display somewhere.
  2. Could i please have some help from anyone willing? Every template i download and try to import when it loads up everything is all over the place nothing is where it should be. I have changed the resolution to the correct one but every single one i import is all jumbled up and everything is all over the place. If anyone knows what this is or has any suggestions please respond or email me at kwikvinny@gmail.com. i really need help with this i have been racking my brain and cont figure out what could possibly be causing this. ive changed my resolution and screen size and everything i can think of that could cause it to load messed up. any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Could someone please help me? every time i import a sensor panel all the stuff is all over the place even if i get one made for my screen size. i cant import and load any sensor panel and have everything line up like its supposed to. its driving me crazy could someone please help me with this situation?
  4. Please share a sensor panel that is 1920x480
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