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  1. This I thought had a good amount of info on it. I’d probably trim it slightly
  2. I just want basics of my cpu/Gpu/mobo. Display is like 1920x1200. It’s a 5.5 amoled screen. Trying to make it fit the theme of my setup. Which wind be egyptian, or pyramids, or along those lines. Gold, blue, white.
  3. Lol I tried this about a week ago and no luck. It’s not that I can’t do my own. It’s just I know what I want, I know somewhere out there is someone who is proficient at this and likes doing it and wouldn’t mind some cash or free computer parts. I personally already have to master too many languages and programs between doing hardware design, pcb capture, embedded real time software, and windows application software. The last thing I want to do is sit down and learn a new tool. However no one responded to my offer to help me make my pretty simple sensor panel a reality. :-(
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