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  1. Sorry been super busy and without a PC for the last little while. I am unable to do it right now.
  2. https://www.waveshare.com/product/displays/lcd-oled/lcd-oled-1/7inch-hdmi-lcd-h-with-case.htm It's a 7" Capacitive touchscreen. Has a little kick stand on the back. I only wish the HDMI and mini USB ports were on the back not the sides to hide cables. Otherwise, its a great addition on my desktop. I keep my PC on the floor and out of the way so this was the best solution I could think of to display stats.
  3. NZXT Theme: Download: NZXT-Theme.sensorpanel NZXT B&W Theme: Download: NZXT-Theme-BW.sensorpanel NZXT / ASUS ROG Theme: Download: NZXT-AsusROG-Theme.sensorpanel NZXT / Gigabyte AORUS Theme: Download: NZXT-GigabyteAorus-Theme.sensorpanel NZXT / LogitechG Theme: Download: NZXT-LogitechG-Theme.sensorpanel Enjoy! Notes: Fits 1920x1080 displays. Minor changes to CPU/GPU & RAM icons. May require HelveticaNeue Font
  4. Yes! Thank you! No problem. I’m wondering how do we share the skins?
  5. Did a NZXT Theme with my CSGO profile for a small 7" stat display that sits on my desk.
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