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  1. Got this one done today. Inspired by another I saw somewhere on here, so credit to... whoever that was, lol. Resolution: 800x480 WAN entry is cut out, but it shows normally. Enjoy! SensorPanelBasic.sensorpanel
  2. Thanks to Mark Patterson, and anyone else that contributed to the gauges used in these sensor panels. I downloaded a couple of panels from here, but they didn't really properly fit my resolution. So I decided to make my own. This is my first attempt. Resolution: 800x480 Blue: SensorPanelBlue.sensorpanel For those that like Red: SensorPanelRed.sensorpanel If you have any specific background images you'd like to use, or would like to tailor these to your specific hardware, let me know on here. I can't guarantee anything, but I can try and make it for you if I get a chance.
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