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  1. This is my Tales of Arise 1920x1200 odospace panel Tales_Of_Arise_1920x1200.oslcd
  2. That's what I did with my odospace panel that's in the quote below.
  3. Thanks to the sensor panels that others have shared on here I was able to take one from here and modify it to look like the one I'm sharing. I don't know how to show a picture of it on here. The res is 1920x1200 for a 10" tablet display Asuna_Alicization_1920x1200.oslcd
  4. I have a slightly smaller display of 1920x1200 could possibly resize it and share it and the fonts used?
  5. Any 1920x1200 designs out there I too have searched every page and didn't find any. And I too am looking for a design with a resolution of 1920x1200
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