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  1. hmmm have you set the right resolution (1920x480) on Aida64? i uploaded the fonts too now and a tutorial for it, see if it helps. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjF8jsZUZbGxm0Hpv1_wvQNhtNSH?e=akkrlJ
  2. would be cool if there was somewhere to host the filesn like a gallery
  3. Sorry to bother bro, but can you share the font you used? thx
  4. looks very cool, can you share it plz, also if you got the background image to edit would be great since i got the fluid temp in a flow meter
  5. got some for 1920x480, they don't serve me as i use 600x1024. Fonts and gauges you can download from here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjF8jsZUZbGxm0Hpv1_wvQNhtNSH?e=cYfqWX enjoy. 2021-03-11-3_sensorpanel.6225769714529211bf7c53813ea377a4 2021-03-06-CH.sensorpanel 2021-03-06-CH-quan.sensorpanel 2021-03-11-1_sensorpanel.184f3d1db244d46ee54a4522fe70c86c 2021-03-11-2_sensorpanel.55c41378fcefe3f5c37eeec8c6287c7c
  6. hi, yea i figued it out, i had to enable erp on the bios. any way thanks
  7. I managed to figure it out, had to enable the S5 state. any way thx
  8. I got a rog board I saw something to disable USB ports, but i’am not sure if is completely or only when shutdown
  9. Maybe a stupid question, but how to make the lcd turn off when the computer shutdown, it still stays powered be the USB port. thx
  10. i understand, already agreeing to it sounds awsome, take your time bro. i'am still finishing my computer build, when it's ready i intend to try make one by my own, till then yours looks beautiful and i think it would fit nicely on my theme. thanks. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjF8jsZUZbGxmzZXK98ykf6rRhhO?e=Vsw5tY
  11. hey worlak, is it possible to convert it to 600*1024 (vertical) please? thx
  12. It's going well, looks very cool
  13. you think is possible to get this theme in 600x1024 (vertical)? can you share the files please?
  14. what extension is this? also is it for zero v2 panel?
  15. any one have a black/red theme in the format of 600*1024? thanks
  16. he only share by PM, but it's impossible to pm him, i wanted it too. filipealves@hotmail.com
  17. i tried but it keeps saying you can't receive messages
  18. is there any version of this on resolution 600x1024? i seen this template beeing sold on aliexpress for over 26€....
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