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  1. I dont think so, i change the Resolution to 800x480 like the picture i attach and it dont look so good to my taste...
  2. Is a fusion between 2 theme, it have only the moving ring from zero v2 panel from @Liao Joeythat use Rainmeter and @Lobo Blanco 1002 that use AIDA64, and some new stuff i put on it.
  3. I send you my, you can move the pieces around and modify it, the moving center is with another program, Rain Meter, is not a AIDA64 Pluggin. You can ask the file to @Liao Joey 1985655439_Fanagro1920x515_sensorpanel.d744df9455c6a6eee7cc66e7cb7647cc
  4. Thank a lot, the both of you, i make my theme using the Best of both World, if in 1920x515px, again, thank a lot
  5. I cannot send u a message! it say u cant get them, my email is Fanagro@live.cl, Thank for ur work!
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